Thursday, September 22, 2011

Across The River

Platte River 092211Over there, across the Platte River is where the big ones like to hang out.  Over the last several years the river has been less than knee deep in this area and could be crossed relatively easily.  Because of the huge snowpack in the Rockies last winter, the river continues to have well above normal flows.  This might keep us from hunting the Island this year.  My dad is coming out to hunt the rut during the second week of November and is counting on hunting across the river.  Last year he broke his whisker biscuit while crossing the river and then later that afternoon missed a real giant while hunting the Island.  It will be a big disappointment if he can’t cross the river. 

While there was too much water in our area this year many of our neighbors to the south continue with severe drought.  Crops have failed and pasture ground has burned up.  Farms and livelihoods have been destroyed.  On the other end of the spectrum many have lost homes and businesses to flooding from the Midwest to the Mid Atlantic.  My home state of New Jersey has been especially hard hit with flooding after Hurricane Irene.    As many struggle with flooding and others with drought we recognize that God is sovereign over all creation.  Our hope is in the Lord alone. He is the rock of our salvation.  So we pray for those who are hurting due to each extreme and trust God in any and every situation.

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